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Mandy 01
Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 9
Height: 1ft
Weight: overweight200 lbs
Hair color: Blonde
Skin color: White
Nationality: American
Habitat: Endsville
Family & friends
Parents: Phillip (father)
Claire (mother)
Friends: Grim
Enemies: Mindy
Talent & personality
Personality: Bruish-hearted
Fear: Marrying Irwin
Career: Student
Team: Underfist
Background infomation
English Voice Actor: Grey DeLisle
Polski Voice Actor: Carmen Cervantes

Mandy is one of the main characters of the series The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy . It is a vile , vicious girl dark heart and sinister personality with a great desire to rule the universe. Her blond hair is shaped like a demon horns , symbolizing their wickedness even more . Her outfit consists of a small skirt, pink with a flower in the middle.

She likes to lead others and cause fear in people. She hates everything and has an amazing knowledge of the supernatural . It's a good fighter, so it is able to face both school bullies as creatures of the Underworld . However, according to Billy and Grim, Mandy will scare professional figure skaters , although it denies saying that only suspicious of his movements.


Before BirthEdit

Although she was not born yet, Mandy and kept the evil personality you have today. Somehow, Mandy could control the formation of the body itself, born without a nose because I had Mandy disgust on them. However, she was born with hidden holes that allow breathing, which is demonstrated in several episodes of the series.

Past after BirthEdit


Mandy as a Baby

Mandy and Billy met themselves when they were babies. Billy went to her house and rang the doorbell several times to annoy her enough to answer. Once Mandy was born under the affection of their parents, with the evil personality intact, wolves appeared to be Mandy and to raise it and educate each other. But Phil and Claire prevented, something which would repent later during the growth of the young.

In stages more floods, Mandy met Billy when he kept not ring the bell at the door of his house. Seeing him for the first time, easily he distinguished Mandy Billy stupidity because of the nonsense that was already doing. Billy it was curious that Mandy had no nose, so to solve the problem, he decided to put an ice cream cone in the face, which angered Mandy, so give him a beating. Although Billy did not mind, since beginning a friendship between the two that would last years.

Later, the family moved to Endsville Mindy. To go visit the new neighbors, Mandy met Mindy, who was scared because of the move. To ask her how she was, Mindy began to speak quickly without any time to rest. Finding himself trapped by the endless chatter, Mandy told to shut up and then went, which did not sit well with Mindy, vowing that if it could not be friends with Mandy, then no one would. Since then, Mindy Mandy has tried to terminate his friends.

In Billy & MandyEdit